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Hot Ideas for Cool Summer Drinks

Iced tea is a summer classic, and it's easy to make at home. We've found that six of our Gourmet teas make particularly refreshing iced tea – Moroccan Mint Green Tea, Green Tea with Essence of Peach, Earl Grey with Lavender, Mango Ceylon with Vanilla, Liquorice Peppermint, and Northwest Blackberry. And while they're all tasty simply poured over ice, there's so much more you can do with them.

We asked some of our friends around town to use their expertise to come up with some great new ways to cool down with tea. We gave them all a spin here in the office, and we're delighted to share our favorites with you.

Iced Tea Drink Recipes
Start off by brewing the tea at double the strength you normally would. Then, refrigerate. Once the tea is cool, try some of these drinks for a refreshing summer treat. All of the recipes below are single serving 12 oz glass suggestions.

Lemon Berry Cooler

Choice Organic Teas Northwest Blackberry [Caffeine-free]
Club Soda

Mix equal parts Northwest Blackberry and your favorite lemonade. Add a splash of club soda, stir, and pour over ice.


Green Rose

Choice Organic Teas Green Tea with Essence of Peach
Rose Syrup
Fresh Mint

Add 1 oz of rose syrup to 12 oz of Green Tea with Essence of Peach. Stir and serve over ice. Try topping with a sprig of fresh mint, if desired.

– From the fine folks at Coffee to a Tea, neighbors of ours in West Seattle


Mango Soda

Choice Organic Teas Mango Ceylon with Vanilla
Simple Syrup (Optional)

Mix equal parts of Mango Ceylon with Vanilla and seltzer together. Add a hearty splash of lemonade and, if desired, a bit of simple syrup to sweeten. Serve over ice.


Vanilla Mint

Choice Organic Teas Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Vanilla Syrup

Add 1 oz of vanilla syrup to 12 oz of Moroccan Mint Green Tea and stir. Pour over ice and enjoy.


Summer Storm

Choice Organic Teas Earl Grey with Lavender
Organic Milk
Vanilla or Chocolate Syrup

This recipe offers two variations. Mix equal parts Earl Grey with Lavender and organic milk (or a milk alternate – we like soy in the office). For a 12 oz glass, add 1 oz of either vanilla syrup or chocolate syrup. Stir and serve over ice.


Mint Chocolate Chip

Choice Organic Teas Liquorice Peppermint [Caffeine-free]
Chocolate Extract

Stir 1 tbsp of chocolate extract into 12 oz of Liquorice Peppermint and serve over ice.

– From the great crew at the Honey Bear Bakery with a shop in Lake Forest Park, Seattle


If you have a great iced tea recipe, we'd love to try it! Send your suggestions to and we'll give them a taste. If we like your recipe, we'll publish it here and send you a free box of Choice Organic Teas from the Gourmet selection so you can keep drinking iced tea all summer long.

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