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Choice Organic Teas

Our Philosophy


From sourcing to blending to packaging, we make our teas with the earth in mind.
Authentic, pure, and as good to the planet as they are to your palate.


May 02 2019
Choice Organic Teas

Shiitake Oolong Named Best New Tea!

We’re excited to announce that Shiitake Oolong has earned the sofi™ Award as “New Product” in the Tea category! This is the fourth sofi™ Award that we’ve received and the second year in a row for a Mushroom Wellness Teas** win, with Reishi Detox** taking the Silver award in 2018.

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Nov 12 2018
Choice Organic Teas

Demystifying Decaffeinated Tea

Have you ever wondered “How is tea decaffeinated?” We don’t blame you! Questions about caffeine are some of the most frequent inquiries we get. If you are trying to limit your caffeine intake, our decaffeinated teas offer a wonderful way to get your robust daily cuppa without the side effects of caffeine.

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Mar 13 2018
Choice Organic Teas

How Much Caffeine is in Tea?

True tea is made from the leaves of an Asian evergreen known as Camellia sinensis. White, green, oolong, and black teas all come from this plant, and all contain caffeine.

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