A New Take on the “Original” Organic

  • December 31, 2010
  • katiechoice

You’ll start to notice in stores soon that your favorite tea’s packaging has gotten a makeover. We’re thrilled to launch this new, refreshed look for our Original Line teas!  We hope you’ll enjoy the brighter, gem-like colors which evoke the color of tea and find the new additional information on the boxes helpful.

On each box, you’ll find a map showing the origin of the tea, approximate caffeine content, brewing and iced tea instructions, flavor profile, and more.  Now with a quick glance, you can know more about your tea of choice than just its name.

Inside the box, you’ll find tea envelopes individually labeled with the tea type, name, and ingredients. For those of you who like to store your tea outside of the box, this should come in handy!

You can rest assured that we continue to be socially and environmentally committed with our teas. The boxes carry these certifications – Fair Trade certified, Non-GMO verified, certified organic, wind-powered, and kosher – reflecting our ongoing support.  And our packaging is still biodegradable, with its 100% recycled paperboard box, paper envelope, and staple-less tea bag.

We hope you’ll delight in our Original Line’s new appearance; we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but we think a superior tea deserves a superior look!

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  • Hi,
    I had bought Choice Organic tea from Costco, it said English Breakfast/Petit Déjeuner Anglais,
    tested it every which way, but it just didn’t taste anywhere near to the proper English Breakfast tea.
    If you have never tasted Star Bucks brand of the English Breakfast tea and or the Fortnum Mason brand, you will never know what a true tasting English Breakfast tea is supposed to taste like.
    Even any English Breakfast teas sold in the U.K, like even the Morrison’s label , will have a great taste of the original tasting.

    Please don’t confuse the word English Breakfast with your organic branded as it tastes weak, bland, doesn’t matter how I have tasted it, even adding another sachet of tea, your Choice Organic Tea is the lousiest tea to date that I have tasted.

    If you like, I am a master tea taster and a connosieur.

    I know my teas and coffee well enough to differentiate the actual contents from the labels.


    Prakash — November 20, 2014 at 8:15 am

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