New! Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • March 10, 2009
  • abbychoice

matchapowder_xsmMy love affair with green tea started with a bowl of ice cream.

I’d been a tea drinker since childhood, but I always drank tea in the fashion that my grandmother used to make it for me. Black, plenty of milk and sugar. As I rarely encountered green tea, I didn’t know what could be done with it and wasn’t all that interested. Then, in a little ice cream shop in Denver, I tried green tea ice cream for the first time. I had found a new favorite. The taste was like nothing else – fresh, clean, and sweet, reminding me of a perfect spring day. Ever since then I’ve sought out green tea in every form, from Chinese Dragon Well to Japanese Genmaicha. And I’ve expanded out from my experiences with ice cream, trying green tea in everything from muffins to cream puffs.

So when I heard that we were adding Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder to our product line-up, I was very excited. It’s the key ingredient in all my favorite green tea treats. Simply put, it’s organic green tea leaves that have been dried and carefully ground into a fine electric-green powder. The texture of the powder is just the right consistency to be blended into smoothies, lattes, ice cream, baked goods, and anything that could benefit from an extra kick of green tea. matchabowl_xsm

It’s brand new in our warehouse, which means that we had our first office-wide tasting just recently. We prepared it by whisking the matcha into a small amount of hot water within a ceramic cup. It is delicious straight out of the cup and it was a hit with everyone else in the office as well. The way the tea is consumed, by drinking the whole leaves rather than an infusion, means that there is an intense green tea taste and character that makes it unique. For anyone, like me who loves the taste of green tea, it’s an experience that can’t be missed.

Now that it’s in stock and ready to be taken home, I’m looking for recipes to try. Maybe a cake. Does anyone have recommendations? We’d love to see your matcha recipes in the comments.


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